Wacky Wheels


Following my previous experience with Zool, I have started another game project in parallel; a 3D version of the Wacky Wheels game. With Zool, the main challenge was the acquisition of the game assets, for Wacky Wheels however, it is an entirely different story as the differents formats of the game data files are well documented.

I have therefore been able to get started pretty quickly and within hours I could see some results.

Figure 1 : the first track of the first class, with a naive implementation of the background

Figure 2 : the second track of the first class

Figure 3 : the fourth track of the first class

Figure 4 : correct implementation of the background (preliminary)

From the lessons I’ve learned while working on Zool (and the time I spent on it), I have decided to delegate some of the work on this project for the following reason : it is an unrealistic task as a one-man job (to be done in a realistic time frame). Ultimately I can realize that project from start to end, but how long would it have taken ? Hence my decision of splitting up the job.

I guess that it is certainly the best decision for this project to be up in a reasonable time frame. There is a part of the project that I will first finish however; the low-level plumbing. I think this is an essential aspect for making it incentive to potential contributors.

Obviously there is still a lot left to be implemented so it looks like the original game. But in my opinion, there is less work to be done than in Zool as I will reuse some of the components I have developed for it and there is less interaction in this game compared to it.


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