Hierarchical view of a collection using a TreeView

This has been driving me nuts for a few times so I’m posting it here as a reference.

Transform this :

Onto this :


How ?



GLA was a library that mimicked XNA using OpenGL. It was a good experience as I’ve learned the version 3 of the OpenGL API while coding it. However, I have stopped working on it as there are far more advanced alternatives such as MonoGame. Of the things implemented there was vertex buffer objects, vertex array objects and effects for the drawing of 2D primitives and textures.

The source code is still available here.

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GLA is a library that attempts to mimick the XNA framework but using OpenGL (OpenTK).

Currently VBOs, VAOs and some effects are implemented such as for the drawing of 2D geometry and textures.


The drawing of 2D primitives:

Code used for it :


The drawing of textures:




Codegen is the command-line utility that generates the fingerprint of an audio file. I am providing below a binary of the utility that supports ASF, MP4 formats and the reading of tags.



I have made Codegen available from .NET through the ENMFPdotNet (or at GitHub directly) library, it does not requires the usage of the command-line utility anymore as it has been statically linked.

Note that you will have to decode the audio and resample by yourself since you must pass a 22KHz monophonic array of floats to the library. I have a put a code sample in the README that does exactly that with BASS.NET, if you need to support other formats just grab the appropriate addons for it.